Introducing AACON: A Client communication App by ABCPA A secured open communication app in Accounting Industry

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 1, 2024 / -- Arvind Betala Chartered Professional Accountant “ABCPA”, a public practice firm and leader in AI bookkeeping, is thrilled to announce the launch of AACON, an innovative and a cutting-edge, secured communication and data storage app designed to revolutionize how practices and clients communicate. AACON is first of its kind of mobile app which allows the clients to retrieve its documents and opens the single source of communication channel. AACON is the ultimate solution to transform the way accounting practices and clients communicate with each other. The rich interface provides smooth, productive, and truly global experiences. As part of our integrated platform, AACON provides instant data sharing, data storage, easy-to-use collaboration features, workflow progress and a dynamic environment. "We are excited to introduce AACON, a platform that goes beyond the traditional way of multi-channel communication and the way client data had been share. AACON has been a leader in AI application in bookkeeping and with the launch of AACON we have taken a step further in that direction. Our goal is to empower businesses to communicate seamlessly, break down barriers, and unlock new possibilities on a global scale," said ABCPA Founder Arvind Betala.

Key Features of AACON

  1. Real-time Data sharing: AACON ensures that data sharing and storage is seamless, accurate, and tailored to the needs of clients.
  2. Effortless Communication: Break through the communication barriers with open channels expanding the ability to communicate with clients and vice versa and unlocking new opportunities worldwide.
  3. Secured Chanel: AACON uses the most intuitive yet very secured technology to exchange the data.
  4. Financial health check: Clients financial health check is at their palm with real time file sharing and open communication. AACON is the game-changer that makes client communication efficient, effective, and truly global.
AACON is now available for their internal client base to download through App store OR Play store.


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